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Welcome to Metagame's latest artifact, Logbook. Like all of our other artifacts, you've already been collecting entries as you go about your days.

Now you can see your activities reflected and benefit from them in new ways. Logbook is an aggregation of all the actions you've taken on-chain in a way you've never seen before - in a digestible way that you and other people can understand.

After you've minted your Logbook, you'll have access to $5,000 USDC worth of bounties to help better interpret on-chain activity.
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Metagame makes products that express activity and achievements in the ultimate metagame - real life - to unlock access to new spaces, spectacles, and spoils.

We're creating the environments and tooling needed to foster the emergence of new and existing values-based communities by helping them recognize and reward those that further their goals. We're starting with NFTs earned from involvement gathered from on and off-chain activities and will expand into more expressive mediums like inventory and avatars.

Each of us was created on earth without our own consent - we didn't hit start, and we can't press pause. But we can decide why, how, and where we play.
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